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Participant Spotlight: Jean

Surgery Hero
March 6, 2024

Jean is 72 years of age and awaiting a total knee replacement. In this interview she explained how working with her coach, Abigail, helped her to feel better about herself and to take a more positive approach to weight loss. She has now lost 7 pounds and counting!

Could you tell us a bit about your health journey so far?

I am 72 years old and am currently waiting for a knee replacement. I have chronic asthma and osteoarthritis and I chose to join the programme to help me lose weight before surgery.

What positive changes have you noticed since starting the programme?

Since starting the programme I have started to cook proper meals for myself again. I have also started doing gentle exercises while sitting down and I now do some dancing for a short time each afternoon.

What did you like most about the Surgery Hero programme and why?

I really enjoyed my sessions with my coach, Abigail, and looked forward to them each week. Abigail allowed me to talk about how I felt about myself — it was very helpful to have someone to talk to who could guide me in the right direction to help me lose weight.

What have you learned about yourself throughout the process?

I have a more positive approach to life now. I feel better about myself and I know that if I feel like a piece of chocolate or biscuit I can have these treats without having to feel guilty.

I know I can lose the weight I need to before my operation now. I have lost seven pounds in weight, which is wonderful for me. Thank you so much for your help!

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