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Success Stories


With the help and encouragement of my coach in the last 8 weeks I have lost over 24lbs, feel healthier, sleep better, and my knees have not felt this much pain-free for as long as my ageing memory can recall. Many, many thanks. And may others be as fortunate as I to receive your team's help."

Joe, Program participant

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For 10 years I’ve felt like I’ve been banging my head off a brick wall, but you’ve taken the time to listen when no one else would. I’ve learned I can control my own health — I don’t just have to listen to them saying ‘take this pill, take that one’. I know what I’m capable of and what’s in my control. You’ve gone into what matters to me."

Dorothy, Program participant

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My relationship with food and exercise has changed to a positive one. I now have an exercise routine which I enjoy and can keep up. I no longer have negative thoughts about food and exercise. I have become physically stronger and feel I am going to have the best possible recovery from my surgery that I wouldn't have without following this programme. My coach was very easy to talk to, caring, understanding and very helpful."

Linda, Program participant

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Clinical studies show that Surgery Hero members have less surgical complications, spend less time in hospital, and improved recoveries.
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