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Next-level surgical care.

We combine research, technology and professional health coaching to help people prepare for and recover from surgery, at home.

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Surgery Hero is the world's first digital clinic for surgery

Decision to operate
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The operation
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Personalised programs

A plan created for each individual based on their health goals - diet, activity, sleep, alcohol moderation, and more.

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1-on-1 health coaching

A professional coach to empower and support people on their surgical journey.

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On-demand content

From bite-sized lessons, exercise videos, mindfulness techniques, meal plans, and more to help strengthen body and mind.

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Insightful health metrics

Uncover actionable insights and get coach feedback by tracking sleep, activity, steps and other health metrics.

Hear it from our clients...

The Surgery Hero solution has been a great resource for our patients to access. It’s easy for us to facilitate and the streamlined onboarding process means that patients are finding it easy to access and to use. The Surgery Hero team have worked with us to ensure that the burden on the clinical team is minimal. Patients have enjoyed using Surgery Hero and they have found the support invaluable.

Esther Carr

Senior Physiotherapist

Surgery Hero puts the person at the centre of care - helping them navigate through the surgical pathway. Surgery support should become an essential part of a benefits suite, and the increase in surgical claims and record numbers of people on waiting lists only reinforced the need to bring in a surgery support partner in Surgery Hero.

Alistair Dornan

Director, Organisational Wellbeing

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