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Gaps in care before and after surgery are heavily impacting the NHS in costs and outcomes.

people are waiting for surgery in England (as of May 2021)
of people will experience some form of avoidable complication after surgery
of people will suffer anxiety, depression and other mental health issues due to their surgery

How big is your annual surgical population?

patients will have an avoidable complication (including readmissions & extended length of stay in hospital)
patients suffering anxiety, depression and other mental health issues due to their surgery
the annual cost to the trust or region
Figures are estimated and based on UK research.

Simple, cost-effective and easy to roll out


Our dedicated team can get you up and running in two weeks.


We have designed Surgery Hero to run in parallel to your existing workflows.


We can enrol patients in whatever way suits your team.


We provide detailed reporting so you can track our impact.

Hear directly from Surgery Hero Clients

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Deploying Surgery Hero at NHS Sherwood Forest Hospital has been a great success. The team were attentive and diligent in getting the project live. At times we had to be agile due to the changing landscape, but the Surgery Hero team were always supportive and great to work with. The patients are getting super results with this innovative approach.

Dr Rebecca Barker, Deputy Clinical Chair Surgical Division

image of esther carr

The Surgery Hero solution has been a great resource for our patients to access. It’s easy for us to facilitate and the streamlined onboarding process means that patients are finding it easy to access and to use. The Surgery Hero team have worked with us to ensure that the burden on the clinical team is minimal. Patients have enjoyed using Surgery Hero and they have found the support invaluable.

Esther Carr, Senior Physiotherapist

Supported by evidence.

Surgery Hero has been built using best-in-class techniques, supported by experts in perioperative medicine, and with a continuous research pipeline.

  • 24%
    increase in PAM
  • 30%
    physical activity improvement
  • 34%
    nutrition score improvement
  • 14%
    mental wellbeing improvement
  • 26%
    sleep quality improvement
  • Reduced complications and readmissions
  • Reduced length of stay (LOS)
  • Reduced A&E visits

Success Stories

With the help of my coach in the past 8 weeks with the help and encouragement of my coach in the last 8 weeks I have lost over 24lbs, feel healthier, sleep better, and my knees have not felt this much pain-free for as long as my ageing memory can recall. Many, many thanks. And may others be as fortunate as I to receive your team's help.
Joe, Program participant
My relationship with food and exercise has changed to a positive one. I now have an exercise routine which I enjoy and can keep up. I no longer have negative thoughts about food and exercise. I have become physically stronger and feel I am going to have the best possible recovery from my surgery that I wouldn't have without following this programme. My coach was very easy to talk to, caring, understanding and very helpful.
Linda, Program participant
For 10 years I’ve felt like I’ve been banging my head off a brick wall, but you’ve taken the time to listen when no one else would. I’ve learned I can control my own health — I don’t just have to listen to them saying ‘take this pill, take that one’. I know what I’m capable of and what’s in my control. You’ve gone into what matters to me.
Dorathy, Program participant

We have acquired all of the accreditations for procurement and commissioning in the NHS

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