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Participant Spotlight: Edna

Surgery Hero
March 6, 2024

Edna is 68 years old and joined the Surgery Hero programme just two weeks before going for a total knee replacement. In this interview with Edna she tells us of how working with her health coach helped her to achieve balance in life and better understand her priorities.

Could you tell us a bit about your health journey so far?

My priority when joining the programme was to try to be in the best place possible in preparation for total knee replacement surgery. I had been gently dieting to gradually lose weight whilst attending weekly chair exercise and chair yoga classes. I found the activity and diet sections in the programme really enhanced my previous efforts.

What positive changes have you noticed since starting the programme?

I had my operation very soon after signing up for the app and a significant change post-op was being encouraged to stop, take a step back, and understand that my priorities were necessarily different. 

I found this hard to do at first and felt a little bit guilty. But Mariela’s coaching helped me to appreciate this opportunity and to have some quality me-time while I was recovering. This was difficult at first, but it is something I will be continuing with going forward.

What did you like most about the Surgery Hero programme and why?

I particularly liked the app concept and content — I liked that I could dip in and out of it as needed. And the checklists were a bonus in helping me to prepare for both pre- and post-op. 

But the best part was my catch-up sessions with my health coach, Mariela, where she encouraged me to consider setting mini-goals that supported both my physical and mental wellbeing during recovery. The mini-goals really helped me to focus rather than just drifting. Being accountable to myself in this way definitely helped me to have a speedier recovery.

What have you learned about yourself throughout the process?

I have learned to have more life balance in general and appreciate the quiet space in my life. And I have learned that mini-goals are a good way to reach any big life challenge.

A big thanks to Mariela for encouraging me at every turn, and thanks to Surgery Hero.

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