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Meet Surgery Hero

Adam Robinson
October 9, 2023

Today, we’re changing our name from Sapien Health to Surgery Hero.

We’ve been thinking about a name change for some time, as we wanted something that more accurately reflects our values and identity as a company. The name is inspired by our members — the people at the centre of everything we do, who overcome new challenges every day to become heroes of their own surgical journey.

Delivering on our mission

Two years ago, we set out to help people prepare for and recover from surgery at home. COVID-19 was shutting the world down — surgeries were being cancelled, backlogs were growing out of control, and people were left to suffer without support.

We saw the health of our population decline, with the most vulnerable members of society the worst affected. The people most in need of support had lost access to it. And when the hospital doors finally opened again, the impact of that decline was there for all to see.

It became apparent early on that this problem wasn’t going away, and so we had to start thinking differently. That’s when we had the idea of transforming hospital waiting lists into preparation lists, by empowering our members to become heroes of their own surgical journey.

Today, our mission is to help 100 million people have a successful surgery. And we won’t slow down until we get there.

What changes for you

The first thing you will notice that’s different is our logo. Sapien Health is out, Surgery Hero is in. We’re keeping the same icon because we love it — each half of the splintered “S” represents the pre- and post-op period, as a reminder that going for surgery is about more than just the operation itself.

The member experience will stay largely the same. You will notice the name of the app change to Surgery Hero in your phone, but you can still access it using the same login details. There is no need to register for a new account.

If you’re a client and need to get in contact, all our email addresses will be changing from to For any general enquiries please use

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