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HR Service Partners: Revolutionizing Employee Well-Being for Surgical Prep and Recovery

Dr. Matthew Beattie MD
October 21, 2023

Experts in perioperative care now agree that pre- and post-operative support is crucial for optimal surgical outcomes. However, typical employee healthcare often falls short of providing the comprehensive care needed to prepare individuals for surgery and support their recovery. This critical gap leaves many ill-equipped to face the rigors of surgery, increasing the likelihood of complications and extended recovery periods.

HR Service Partners, a prominent Professional Employer Organization (PEO), headquartered in San Antonio, is spearheading a transformative approach to employee care by teaming up with Surgery Hero. This dynamic partnership is reshaping the landscape of how PEOs and employers approach the well-being of their employees before and after surgery.

The Unhealthy Behavior Challenge

Statistics reveal a concerning reality: over 97% of individuals preparing for surgery engage in one or more unhealthy behaviors, such as poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, excessive alcohol consumption, inadequate sleep, and insufficient mental well-being practices. These behaviors exert a significant toll on surgical outcomes, elevating the risk of complications and hindering the return-to-work process. Notably, surgery-related expenses account for over 30% of an employer's total healthcare costs, with a substantial portion of individuals facing delayed recovery, characterized by post-surgical pain and functional impairment.

Bridging the Gap

HR Service Partners are proactively supporting employees navigating the complexities of surgery. Through their collaboration with Surgery Hero, a digital health coaching solution, they're offering comprehensive assistance tailored to optimize employee behaviors and prepare them for surgery. This holistic approach significantly reduces surgery related  complications, expedites recovery, and empowers employees to face their surgical journey with newfound confidence.

Setting a New Standard

The partnership between HR Service Partners and Surgery Hero sets a new benchmark for innovation and employee-centric care in the PEO and employer benefits industry. Together, they redefine the standard of care, ensuring employees are well-prepared for surgery and empowered to return to their lives healthier and more confident. This approach benefits everyone involved, showcasing HR Service Partners' forward-thinking commitment to employee well-being.

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